OVCI has a non-denominational approach. In its work, it is inspired by the Blessed Father Luigi Monza, according to an idea of OPENNES and TRUST to the cultures around the world, in the desire to develop the professionalism of local operators.

Our style is based on:

  • a motto: 'the good must be done well'

  • reasons of social solidarity; 'I say human because human is the field in which it takes place, but in its root is a divine command'

  • professional developmentand training of local operators because 'what counts for us is man,each man and each group of men, to include the whole of humanity'.

According to this style, the volunteer joins a project, in the Countries where we operate, to share an experience, that means you have something to give and to receive, avoiding that the progress of some constitutes an obstacle to the development of others.