According to Henry Rosso - the founder of the first school of fundraising in the world -

the fundraising is the art of teaching people the joy of giving.

When OVCI proposes a fundraising campaign, he does it because he strongly believes in the projects that he follows, and in the commitments assumed with the beneficiaries in the Countries in which it operates:

  • as the Liu Chao mother, with a letter that thanks us for the professionalism and the attention received by the personnel of the 'Centre for Evaluation and Guidance for people with disabilities' in Beijing - China, managed by the local Association Womende Jia Yuan, supervised by OVCI.

  • as Ireland, promoter of the Community-Based Rehabilitation in Esmeraldas - Ecuador, with disabilities in his community, and to represent them in the Legislative Assembly of his Country.

  • as Ilyass, a child placed in the Special Class of the elementary school Zlaquà Salé - Morocco, which had communicative and motor difficulties and after two years of special school he learned to walk alone, to relate to others and to do many things alone, that first could not do.

  • as the students of the St. Mary's College of Juba - South Sudan, which this year will receive his degree, first graduates in physiotherapy in all of South Sudan.

  • as the 90 children of Dar El Salaam - Sudan, who in 2010 had access to the first mother and child clinic in this suburb of Khartoum, composed mostly by refugees.

OVCI organizes an annual campaign dedicated to a particular Country / commitment, but without forgetting all the other commitments in the Countries where it operates, and for which it organizes campaigns for children and fundraising-focused activities.

With FOCSIV, for several years we have been also participating to the national campaign 'We laughed for a serious matter', for the right to food for everyone, raising awareness in the city squares,about world hunger.