Italy: OVCI animation groups

They consist of all the people who, once they have known the Organization, they decide to voluntarily devote to it part of their time and skills. The Groups are very heterogeneous: you can meet returning volunteers from countries where OVCI works, aspiring volunteers eager to leave, volunteers dealing with cooperation for years, and people who come in this world for the first time.

Thanks to the skills and commitment of every Group - YEAR AFTER YEAR - OVCI is increasingly popular in the Italian territory. Every single group is self-organized, according to its own style and propensity. Every single Group is the organizer of a concrete international cooperation, that is based on three key words:


Specifically, the groups are involved in:

  • organizing moments of self-training
  • organizing and participating in initiatives of awareness raising, for the local community of belonging
  • organizing fundraising events for the cooperation projects followed by the Organization
  • seeking and accepting candidates for the experience of international volunteering
  • promoting collaboration with the volunteers returned
  • maintaining the contact with the volunteers involved in the countries where OVCI operates