Currently, OVCI in Italy is organized on two levels:

  • central level, which includes the statutory bodies (Board of Directors, President, Executive Committee, Board of Auditors) and the General Direction and its collaborators

  • peripheral level, formed by the OVCI Animation groups, branches of the Organization (art.1, paragraph 3 of the Statutes)



For each country in which OVCI is present, a Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, has been drawn up, in order to plan the activities and commitments of OVCI throughout time.

Each strategic plan explores the historical presence of OVCI in the Country considered, and then defines objectives, resources and timing of the project activities planned.

In every Country in which OVCI operates, it is appointed a Country Representative acting for, and on behalf of, the Body in the geographical area of competence and - in addition to coordinating and harmonizing the projects implemented - is the spokesman on site of the Strategic Plan.

In Italy the Project Office is assisted by a Desk Officer, technical adviser with the task of supporting the Project Office in the evaluation and implementation of projects and commitments, ongoing and planned for the future.